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Educating through Care Scotland (EtCS) is the association for residential independent schools and services which provide care and education for children and young people with additional support needs.

EtCS was constituted in March 2009 to represent independent residential special schools and services which are either grant‐aided (by Scottish Government), charity run or private companies. Some secure care accommodation services are also members of the Association.


All schools and services provide a small but significant part of the education and care provision for Scotland’s most vulnerable children and young people. EtCS was formerly known as the Association of Head teachers of Residential Special Schools, an important group which had existed for many years essentially as a support network for its members and as a means for disseminating good practice.


The Association aims to do the following:


  • Act as a forum of support for member organisations.

  • Disseminate relevant national initiatives.

  • Participate in key national working groups.

  • Link with key partners.

  • Disseminate best practice in residential care and education.

  • and Promote best outcomes for Scotland’s looked after and accommodated children and young people.