EtCS currently has 32 members representing a total of 32 schools and services.

Membership is open to any individual or organisation (including workers and professional groups) who / which has an interest in furthering the aims and objectives of the association.


The Subscription fee for Associate Members for 2016/17‐is £600, payable by April 1st 2016.


Anyone who wishes to become a member should lodge a written application which is signed by an appropriate office bearer of their school/service to the Administrator. The Management Committee will consider and notify the applicant whether they are accepted as members of the Association.


All members of the Management Committee contribute to the smooth running of the Association, but each member also has other specific responsibilities such as:


• close links with a small group of members.

• links with national groups such as CELCIS and SCIS.

• supporting financial arrangements.

• helping with the organisation of the Association’s conferences; and

• developing the website


The Association has a part time Administrator who acts as co‐ordinator and disseminator of information and who also, with others, plans and organises an annual conferences and regular meetings each year for Heads of Care and Heads of Education. The Administrator also provides specific support for Head of Education meetings.The Management Committee has approximately 8 Management Committee meetings per year. Minutes of these meetings are sent to all Heads of Schools/Services.In addition, approximately 4 Business meetings, including the Annual General Meeting ensure relevant issues are discussed on a regular basis.

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Members List

​​Aberlour Childcare Trust Aspire Scotland

Bachlaw Projects

Balikinrain School

Balnacraig School

Cairn Mhor

Camphill School

Camphill School Aberdeen Closeburn House

Corseford School


Curo Salus

Daldorch House School Donaldson’s East

Park School

Geilsland School

Gladstone Child Care Harmeny School



​​Hillside School

Linn Moor School

Moor House

New Struan School

Ochil Tower School

Rossie Secure Service Royal Blind School

Seafield School

Seamab School

Snowdon School

Spark of Genius

St Mary’s Secure Service St Philip’s School

Stanmore House School Starley Hall

Sycamore School

The Craighalbert Centre

The New School

Troup House School